Saturday, 14 January 2017

Dreaming in Swedish

You know how they say dreaming in your second language means you're making progress?

This happened in last night's dream, which was straight up wacko! My wife and I somehow have a newborn baby without her being pregnant. I ask her how this happened and she just says "don't worry". I worry. I'm walking in the street with my wife and the 20-minute-old baby in my arms. The baby says "Jag tycker om att sjunga" (I like to sing) and starts singing like a lark. "Sofia, our 20-minute-old baby can talk Swedish and sing!". "Don't worry" says my wife.

I worry.

Then we come home. As we step through the door an identical twin of the baby I'm holding springs out of nowhere and both infants start ninja fighting round the living room at lightning speed. Then in slinks a loser-drunkard claiming to be the father of the other twin baby and starts whining that Sofia should take him back. I ask my wife "Sofia, what's going on?". "Don't worry", she says. Then I wake up.

As you can see, my 'second-language-dreaming' is most likely in its early stages — only a small part of the dream is in Swedish.

But now and again there's more Swedish in my dreams. Like when I dreamt I was the star pupil of a Swedish class!

Well, why not?

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